Ditch your day-to-day routine, and take your practice to one of the world’s most blissful destinations. Join yoga enthusiasts of all levels for a once-in-a-lifetime yoga and meditation retreats. A Yoga retreat involves a higher focus on mental state in addition to the physical movements and breathing that in turn relieve stress, calm the emotions along with precision sculpting your figure into a lean, flexible and physically strong body.


Ancient Yogis believed that in order for man to be in balance and harmony with himself and his environment, he has to integrate the body, mind and spirit. For the three to be integrated, emotion, action and intelligence will need to be in balance. They created a way to achieve and maintain this balance through exercise, breathing and meditation which form the three main pillars of Yoga structures. Today there are six branches of yoga – each with their own special focus.

A yoga retreat is a great healing holiday as it appeals to people of a wide age range and physical condition with different levels of fitness and can easily be adapted to. On a spa escape, yoga teachers are able to safely guide and advise you on the best movements, poses and exercises based on your body’s needs. This is the ideal opportunity to learn from experts and integrate a healthier way of life. For experienced yoga students, there are great options to be guided into further levels of yoga in breathtaking surroundings. De-stress, relax and get your body in tune with your mind at the best yoga retreats worldwide.

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 Wake up, full of energy
Location: Loukoulos’ Garden
Southwest Samos

what we ofer on loukoulos' yoga session:

Loukoulos’ Yoga sessions is a unique experience ……our point is to offer you a healthy activity in Samos but also to meet new people, to gym with them,-… we form small groups… our teacher Fotini, take care of every one to do right the exercise …. meeting each other… having breakfast all together….


a big garden above the sea

Loukoulos is located in the south part of Samos, in Kampos Marathokampou

Our place is located up to a cape, the cliff 15m above the sea provides it with a breathtaking sea view. 

Our land is 0.4 ha ( 4000 sq.m. )

Loukoulos is a rustic complex of buildings surrounding with a huge green garden, with Mediterranean trees and plants.

Loukoulos Kampos Marathokampos Samos
seaside view

breakfast buffet at loukoulos's

Every morning after Yoga ‘s sessions we serve a magnificent handmade breakfast buffet above the sea 

We use Samian, local products, handmade pastry, Greek recipes and we serve 

Loukoulos’ & Ciceros’ Breakfast is included 


our yoga teacher

Fotini Chasioti is 

small groups

We form small groups with nice mood, knowing each othe, be acompany with your ……

healing holidays with your teacher in loukoulos' place

yoga retreats & healing holidays

Lodging : isolated colorful Loukoulos’ Maisonettes & Villa Flora’s Apartments could accommodate you
Meals: enjoy Loukoulos’ cuisine inspired by our delicious Mediterranean diet
Activities: Every morning enjoy your yoga session, and during the day we could arrange a different kind of activity all around Samos for you