Loukoulos follows all government rules and regulations regarding COVID-19. Our tables used to and continue to keep the necessary distances. We want our customers to feel and be safe. Ourselves and our employees will take all the measures needed for your safety and better service. All our establishments (restaurant, maisonettes, apartments) follow the necessary decontamination processes and protocols.

A Little About Us

Loukoulos started its trip on July of 1989 and since then remains a stable value for hospitality and quality as well. Giorgos and Katerina Kiloukiotis, the owners, shaped the mentality of our little family business on making our guests feel like home, like having their vacation and dinner in their cottage by the sea. Our kitchen is based on greek traditional recipies from our grandma Flora, on which we stay loyal with some twisted additions. The yard of the restaurant lies above the sea with view to the Aegean in an olive garden, isolated from the street and the noise. Today we, Flora and Elpida, the second generation continue the family business in the same line in order to offer you beautiful moments and memories.

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Only The Best To Your Plate

Loukoulos Kampos Marathokampos Samos

a garden above the sea

Chilling moments,  Greek recipes in our garden


Fresh Materials

We only use fresh and organic materials in our food, grown in our garden and throughout Samos island.

Loukoulos Kampos Marathokampos Restaurant

Mediterranean cuisine

Samian products meet Mediterranean cuisine

seaside view

Amazing Seaside View

Our beautiful garden above the sea offers an breathtaking view of the Aegean and stunning sunsets.

What They Say About Us



"There is no sincerer love than the love of food" - G.B. Shaw "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates "Wisdom is to the soul, as food is to the body" - Abraham Ibn Ezra "Fill high the cup with samian wine" - Lord Byron

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