Breakfast above the sea
Handmade pastry
Mediterranean Garden

Breakfast buffet at Loukoulos

The breakfast buffet includes our all time favorite recipes, a mixture of Greek and European cuisine, all prepared by us. You will taste from Greek cheese pies and Cretan ntakos, up to handmade croissants, and bruschetta. The pastry are freshly baked every morning and prepared with 20 years of knowledge and the best ingredients. The Samian & local products is our target.

Breakfast above the sea

Enjoy a handmade breakfast 15m. above the sea in a unique place, Loukoulos! Elpis will prepere for you you breakfast. You will enjoy it while having an 180 degrees view of the Aegean sea and listening to chill-out music.

Loukoulos marisonettes Samos Breakfast

Enjoy your breakfast in a wooden platform 15m. above the sea


 Wake up, full of energy
Taste our fresh goodies above the sea

cost: 15 €/ guest

Yoga & Breakfast

Are you an athletic type? Then participate on our Hatha Yoga sessions and then enjoy our breakfast buffet at Ciceros bar

cost: 28 €/ guest