To proceed to a booking, please come in contact with Loukoulos’s members by email ( Then you will be informed by email about availability for the period that you are interested in. After that you will get a detailed email with your booking’s info, period, maisonette, pricing and deposit details. We kindly request you to keep a copy of our mail with the detailed information about booking’ s info and deposit. Hereupon to be completed your booking Loukoulos’ business needs a deposit equal to 33% of booking’s total amount. You will be more informed when you will make a request for a booking. When the deposit will be visible to our bank account you will get a confirmation email. You are kindly requested to keep a copy of our email.

Loukoulos business would like to inform you that to complete any booking we require a deposit equal to 33% of booking’s total amount . This amount is not refundable. If you cancel your booking, 45 days before your arrival day, because of COVID 19, the deposit’s amount acts like a voucher for a booking for the next summer. If you cancel your booking in less than 45 days from your arrival day then the deposit will be lost, and will not represented as a voucher

The amount will be reduced from the total amount of futuring booking. If you are not able to book the next two summers in Loukoulos’s Maisonettes, the deposit will be lost. If you cancel your booking at Loukoulos’ Maisonettes, we kindly request you to keep a copy of our email with the detailed information about booking’ s info and deposit.

The new booking that you will do with your voucher from the cancel, will follow the availabilities and prices that Loukoulos’ maisonettes have that summer in that day that you are asking for new booking.

Loukoulos’ price list in each maisonette is for 1 or 2 guest. Every extra guest will be charged an extra 10 euros/night. Children that sleep in baby crib will not have any extra cost.

Loukoulos’ breakfast is made by Loukoulos family, and everything is hand made, 20 years of knowledge in your plate. Breakfast in Loukoulos’ maisonettes does not come as an extra cost, it’s included in the price, and will not be deducted from your price if you decide to skip it. The breakfast is strictly served from 15th of May till 15th of September. Bookings earlier or later than that period will not have this amenity.

In Villa Flora’s houses breakfast has an extra daily cost of 15 euros/ 2 guests, this price is only in the case that you will book breakfast for all the days of your stay. If you  want to join in breakfast buffet for some days of your stay and not all the days, then the price is 15 euros/  1 guest.