The beauty is hiding into little things, here on the deck
Breathtaking sea view
Cheers ! !

Your eyes will not have any limit, only the horizon …
Don’t lose the feeling…
Taste a good cocktail…
Chat with your company or shake your body…. 
Enjoy every moment …

The beauty is hidden into little things! 

view dressed in blue

The bar is located over a cliff 15 meters above the sea in the top of a cape.

& our view is all the Aegean sea !

Your eyes will not have any limit

Enjoy a cocktail from joey

Joey, the owner of Cicero’s bar, is the spirit . . .
His positive attitude & his knowledge flow into your cocktail.

Samian wines, local herbs are some of the ingredients that Joey uses

Cicero's bar Kampos Marathokampos

breakfast buffet at cicero's

Every morning we serve a magnificent breakfast buffet above the sea after 8:30 a.m. till 10.30 a.m.

(take away breakfast after 7.30 a.m.)

We use Samian, local products, handmade pastry, Greek recipes and we serve 
Loukoulos’ & Ciceros’ Breakfast.

Cicero's bar

The wooden structure was built on 2000 from George, the owner of Loukoulos,
as a retreat place, relaxing place, a view spot.

From 2019 is working as a cafe-bar, maintaining all this character but also enriched from the spirit of Joey

Who is Ciceros? 
Today, Joey’s lazy, fat, cozy cat is named Cicero 
But also Cicero, in the ancient Rome was friend & trainee of Loukoulos

Cicero's bar Kampos Marathokampos